What did I want?

I had to address what I wanted.

Money of course as I cannot live pay my rent, buy food without it.

Flexibility, was the next thing I wanted. To live anywhere and not have responsibilities of staff etc..

So with this in mind, I saw the opportunity to make money on the internet. I used the internet all the time to find out prices of items I needed, where I can purchase them and the closest to where I live. Plus purchasing online since Covid.19 and the petrol hikes this has become a no brainier.

I knew that there are millions of people doing this every day and our cell phones (mobile phones) made this more and more the way to go. Goodbye yellow page hello Internet.

I turned to Affiliate Marketing, it is worldwide and that is a huge advantage in the bigger picture of things. So this became the most practical method for me. I can do this anywhere as long as I have a computer and the Internet.

Birth of Nicstips.com

Here I will share my journey in regard to all my interest and learning curves I have had

The topics that I have the most interest in are:

        • Weight loss,

        • Swimming,

        • Architectural draughting,

        • Building renovations.

        • Living  Off the grid 

In general, I will be doing affiliate marketing, selling to the needs of the market to add value to the customer and to myself. 

I will not promote scammy products, this is a promise to myself and to you. I will check everything that I recommend.

Read my Disclaimer: